TBC Israel Travelers - December 2019

The Flight In To Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Airport.

The Bus Ride Into Town.

Caesarea Maritima and the Mediterranean Sea.
Meggido, the Jezreel Valley, and Mt Carmel.
300 steps down and 100 back up the other side of Ahab's water tunnel.

Lots of Different Food!

Day 2:
Boat ride across the Lake of Gennesaret (Sea of Galilee).
Mount of Beatitudes - Capernaum - Peter's house.
By the Sea where Jesus restored Peter.
Ended the day with River Jordan baptism.
There really is something about hearing the scriptures read while you are where it happened.

Day 3:
Bet She'an National Park & Roman ruins.
En Harod at the foot of Mount Gilboa where the story of Gideon comes to life.
Jericho where the walls came tumbling down.
Bethlehem and the church of the nativity.

Day 4:
Straight to the Garden of Gethsemene. Must say we heard one powerful sermon!

Then on to Jerusalem in the rain.

Day 5:
What a way to begin the day! Views. Dead Sea.
Herod's palace. More steep steps. Glad we did it.

Day 5 continues:
Ein Gedi where David came upon Saul in a cave.
Qumran the area of the Dead Sea Scrolls and then floating on the Dead Sea.

More Good Food!

Day 6:
Jerusalem Again!
Early morning on the Temple Mount.

More from Day 6 in Jerusalem:
Walked within the walls of the old city, The Lion Gate, Flower Gate, and the Damascus Gate.
Beautiful churches & The Market.
Ended with a service and the Lord's Supper in the Garden Tomb.
(No pictures in here - just worship.)

Day 7:
More food. Roger's breakfast.

Day 45 oh I mean Day 7:
Our "off" day. No wake up call. Some of us walked one mile to the Israel Museum.
There is a scale model of Jerusalem at the time of the second temple.
Helps bring a lot of what we saw and where we've been into perspective.
Lots of archeological finds. Nice way to spend the last day.
It's been wonderful, but ready to get back in the USA.